A person’s responsibility to their family is more important than their individual goals (or dreams)

I do not believe that a person should base all of their life decisions to their family. Although the parent(s) did raise the child, the parents were the ones who made the decision to have a child, and knew the responsibilities they would have, so they cannot force the child to repay them for providing their children with the basic necessities of a child. I think that because parents have made the decision to have a child and raise them, they fell that the child should repay them in some way. They often try to guilt the child, lecturing them about all that they have done for the child, and that they expect the child to give them something in return. In reality, the parents often lecture children about the rights that they have been guaranteed and not the moments that show that the parent is willing to go the extra mile for us. They lecture about putting clothes on our back and food on our table, when they should be lecturing about the luxuries that they are not obligated to provide us.  This does not mean however, that children can just take their parents for granted, as the parents did invest a lot of time and effort into raising their children, and children should be grateful to have parents who really do care about them, because there are other children who have parents that neglect, ignore, and disregard them, and do not provide those children with the things that they really need. These parents are the parents who should not expect anything back from their children because they have only provided their children with the basic things that they need, and have not shown that they truly care for their child. Luckily, parents put extra effort into raising their child way more often than not, which shows the natural instinct that humans have to help each other as much as they can.

If our parents have put the hours into raising us and providing us with experiences that we can never forget, then we should repay them by showing them that we are grateful for their hard work and appreciate them. This does not mean that we can dedicate our entire lives to repaying our families, because we are meant to go out into the world and forge our own destiny, not continue on our parents. If we dedicate our entire lives to repaying our debt to our parents, then we will not have time to repay our family in the best way, by starting a family of our own and helping our children succeed. On top of all of this, if we don’t forge our own paths, then we will not be able to serve as role models to our children, and our children will end up lost, as they will have no one to guide them.