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December 2017

Zip Document of Learning #3

I entered this study underestimating how big my question would be. I thought that I would be able to answer my question after a couple weeks of research, but I now know that my question is much deeper than I… Continue Reading →

ZIP Document of Learning #2

My inquiry plan did not allow enough time for research or lesson planning. It allowed only three research days, which was not enough time to gather a sufficient amount of information to answer my question. I now need to add… Continue Reading →

Part Time Indian Conflict

The most significant conflict Junior faces in Sherman Alexie’s The Absolutely True diary of a part time Indian is his identity because he is stuck between two worlds. Junior demonstrates this conflict when he states “It was like being Indian… Continue Reading →

How to be a REAL Success – Reflection

Over the past week, we spent our lunch breaks watching a 4 part series called How to be a REAL success by John Maxwell. It was very interesting and I learned a lot about leadership. The acronym REAL stands for… Continue Reading →

ZIP Document of Learning #1

What is a specific source of information that you have found valuable in answering your inquiry question? How has it proved valuable? Explain. A specific resource that has been particularly useful is chapter seven in the book “An Introduction to… Continue Reading →

Zip Proposal

What question would you like to pursue in your inquiry? why did you choose this question? what motivates or excites you in pursuing this line of inquiry? I would like to pursue the answer to the question: why does language… Continue Reading →

Document of Learning

I planned on putting three shoes as the focal point of my learning center. My reasoning for this is Phil Knight’s story, from his university days to his retirement has been focused on shoes. As an athlete, he was trying… Continue Reading →

Annotated Bibliography

Knight, Phil. Shoe Dog. New York: Scribner, 2016. Print This book contains information on Phil Knights life, from his early twenties until his late thirties ad early forties. It mainly consists of Knights quest to take over the U.S. shoe… Continue Reading →

Night of the Notables Assessment

Did you meet your goals for the project? How can/could you tell? How would you improve on future learning opportunities like this? My goals for this project were to gain more knowledge on Phil Knight and his life, and to… Continue Reading →

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