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What question would you like to pursue in your inquiry? why did you choose this question? what motivates or excites you in pursuing this line of inquiry?

I would like to pursue the answer to the question: why does language change? I chose this question because I often wonder how our language evolved to its current state and why it went that way. I am motivated by the fact that I will finally be able to understand why we don’t still speak like Shakespeare did and because i will be able to teach my friends about the subject as well.

what do you currently know about this topic/skill, and what skills do you currently have that will help you succeed in your work?

I currently know that there are four main eras of the english language, old english, middle english, early modern english, and modern english. I currently have the ability to find truthful and relevant sources that aid me in completing my work, and I have the deductive reasoning to help me answer a question as large as this one.

what is a specific list of skills that you hope to have expanded on/learned by the end of this assignment?

I hope that I can expand on my ability to understand texts from other eras of english so that I can truly understand the meanings that the writers are trying to convey. I also want to expand my knowledge on grammar rules so that I can improve my writing.

who can you approach for support during your work/research?

I can approach an expert in the field of the evolution of the english language to support me in this research because they can enhance my understanding.

what are some other resources that might be useful in helping you complete your inquiry?

Some other resources that might useful are texts written in each era, so I can compare them to enhance my research, and books written about the subject of language evolution.

how might you demonstrate your your learning at the end of your inquiry? what format or form might you use to highlight your work?

I would like to provide an interactive lesson for the class on why language evolves because I think that the best way to show people my research is to teach them about it.

what is your schedule for learning?





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