In Depth Blog Post #3

So here we are, week 5 of In Depth. I have come a long way in my understanding of civil engineering, largely thanks to my mentor, Jason. He taught me that there are actually several different disciplines of civil engineering, such as municipal engineering, transportation engineering, and geotechnical engineering. I have decided to focus on municipal engineering, as after talking about the different types with Jason, I have found it to be the most interesting. Here are my answers to questions relating to my progress so far.

What went particularly well during your mentoring sessions? 

Although my mentor and I have not been able to meet yet, we plan on meeting during the next week. I think that during our email exchanges so far, Jason’s openness to answering my questions and his detailed answers would be my highlight as what went particularly well.

What relationship challenges did you face? 

Me and Jason had no relationship problems at all. We have communicated effectively so far, although I had one late response to an email which was caused by a couple of commitments that got in the way. I was open about my lack of experience in civil engineering, and Jason was very accepting of this. He helped debunk my assumption that civil engineering was just one big form of engineering by informing me of the sub forms of civil engineering as I mentioned earlier in my post.

What learning challenges emerged?

Although learning about the process of civil engineering has been pretty straight forward, learning how to use CAD software has been pretty confusing. There are a lot of different factors that go into designing a structure, and trying to design something that incorporates all of these factors is tougher than I originally thought.

What logical challenges affected your communication?

I don’t feel that there were any logical challenges that affected my communication with Jason, other than our schedules delaying our responses to each other. The only factor that caused these delays was our conflicting schedules.

What three strategies could improve the quality of your mentoring interactions?

Finding times that work for both of us would be a major improvement in our interactions, as our conflicting schedules made it impossible to meet this past week, although we have planned to meet as early as possible next week. I think that I could also do some more extra studying of municipal engineering in my spare time, so we can talk about more advanced concepts in engineering. This involves checking books out from the library and looking at information online. Finally, I can ask deeper questions so that my understanding is further enriched.



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