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How do we decide what past events are important?

History is chock full of events, important and not important, but how we decide what fits into each category? I think that the parts of history that are considered important are because they have taught humanity a lesson. An event could also be considered important if it had a big effect on humanity. For example, the invention of the computer is considered important because it has changed a lot about our day to day life, on a global scale.

The discovery of North America is considered important because it revealed a new continent and a civilization for the people of Europe to interact with. As well, an event would be considered important if it has taught humanity a lesson, such as the lessons learned after World War Two, that lead to a change in society.

I also believe that historical events are written from the perspective of the victors, so events that might be considered important to the losers of a war would be disregarded by the winners, and the events that the winners didn’t want to include would be thrown away and forgotten . Also, a lot of ancient historians made events sound a lot more significant than they actually were, changing numbers to fit their needs.

In the end, I believe that we decide what historical events are important based on the effect it had on the world, which perspective it is taken from, and whether it can teach humans a lesson.


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