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What is the story of my black belt certificate?

My significant object is my junior black belt certificate. I acquired my black belt in autumn 2014, after training for 5 years. It was given to me by my instructor, Kelly Yuen, after a hard day of grueling tasks that I undertook to prove that I was worthy of a black belt.

I had just started middle school at the time, so I had a lot of anxiety going into the test. This anxiety may have made it harder for me to achieve my belt as I was more nervous and less “in the zone” during the day.

On the certificate, it states that I “do hereby swear to uphold the standards of loyalty, honesty, courtesy, modesty, integrity, and indomitable spirit” This is important because these are the values that have shaped who I am today and  form the standards I try to uphold. The many years I spent practicing Tae Kwon Do have had a huge effect on who I am today, and another interesting part of the document is where it mentions “I pledge to… lead by example and share what I have learned with others.” This pledge shows where my leadership and teaching career began, as after I received my black belt, I helped to teach younger students what I had learned. The ability to teach was  probably the greatest skill that I received from earning my black belt.

The creator of my black belt, Kelly Yuen, was a prominent member of the Tae Kwon Do community, owning multiple schools and having achieved a 5th degree black belt, one of the highest belts achievable. I can infer from my relationship with him that he made my black belt because he saw that I could achieve it, that I could go above and beyond and do something that I could never have imagined myself earning. He said that the black belt meant nothing, that it was just a symbol. He said that a black belt was who you were, what you stood for, and what you valued. He saw that I had these qualities, and so he created my belt, and his belief is why I consider my belt significant.

I can learn a lot from examining this source. By examining it, I can reflect on a period of time in my life when I was learning how to adapt to changes around me, and I can learn from how I dealt with those changes and apply this knowledge to future changes that happen in my life. This knowledge helped me answer my inquiry question by giving me another perspective on why my belt was created, and I can conclude that my belt was made as a symbol of me achieving a large goal in my life.


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