Socials blog post #4

Dear brother,

I was writing to you to advise you to stay away from the lowlands. Ever since I lost my job,

Things have taken a turn for the worse. There just aren’t enough jobs for common folk like me,

So I have had to turn to crime just to survive. I steal all of my food from merchants and eat scraps meant

For animals. It has been so long since I last ate a decent meal, that I have forgotten what one tastes like.

I am often beating in the streets, but I am so used to it that it doesn’t really hurt anymore. On top of all

This, is lower class are called lazy by the rich and powerful. Why can’t they understand the struggles that

We live through? A lot of people have started witch hunts, killing those who they say have sinned, but

For all I know, they are just victims of upper class aggression. Due to the dangers of living here in the

Lowlands, I have decided that I will return to Glasgow to find employment. I hope to write to you again

As soon as I have the money, but until then I must leave you here.


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