Independent Investigation #1

What effects did the battle of the plains of Abraham have on European settlers and indigenous people in Canada?

The battle of the Plains of Abraham had many effects on both Europeans living in Canada and Canadian indigenous people. One of the biggest long-term effects was the large scale introduction of British culture to those living in Canada. There was resistance from both parties at first, and that resistance still carries on in some form today, as evidenced by the distinct culture of Quebec that differs from the rest of Canada and has led them to seek independence, and the many unresolved aboriginal disputes that began as an indirect result of the outcome of this battle.

As a result of the battle, aboriginal people also lost a lot of their status as there were no longer two powers fighting for control over the area, and didn’t need the help of the first nations. The British ended up seeing the aboriginals as opponents, and collected them up and either moved them to reserves or killed them so that they could take more land.

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Another effect that the battle of the plains of Abraham had was on the dominant religion in the area. Under French rule, everyone was Catholic and some first nations people were converted to Catholicism. The British were known for being very harsh when dealing with Catholics, and the inhabitants were very surprised when the British decided not to prosecute Catholic people and convert them, and the manifesto that the British issued only really required the French to swear allegiance to King Charles the second and fly the British flag. The British were not so lenient with First Nations people though, and began converting them and later, sent their children to residential schools, where they were raised as protestants from a young age and had their Aboriginal heritage suppressed.. In the end, Catholicism was isolated to Quebec and the French who were living there, while the rest of Canada was populated by Protestants, and the religion grew.

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The final large effect that the battle of the plains of Abraham had on Europeans and Indigenous people was on the economy and infrastructure of New France. New France had always been a costly settlement with few economic opportunities at the time, and when the English came and took over the settlement, French merchants left for other markets where they could make more money. The English were reluctant to send merchants from the more profitable colonies in the south, and so the economy shrank and both Europeans and First Nations people became poorer and were left unprotected by the occupying British forces, so quality of life was certainly lower after the French were ousted during the battle of the plains of Abraham.

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Overall, the battle of the plains of Abraham had both positive and negative effects on Europeans and Indigenous people, and the outcome of the battle has come to shape our nation and our cultural identity.

2 thoughts on “Independent Investigation #1”

  1. Hey Jackson!
    I really enjoyed how you incorporated your questions into your blog post, it made it seem much more like a project that you just went really in depth on rather than just answering questions as necessary. I also liked that your post was very organized and concise. It made it easier to read through.
    Something interesting connecting our projects is the spread of Catholicism in Quebec. Les filles du roi
    (my project) were watched over and cared for by Marie Guyart, also known as Saint Marie of the incarnation, who was one of the biggest driving forces behind that spread. The underlying influences of religion in our history are interesting to look into.

    Awesome Job!

  2. Jackson-
    I love how you viewed wants and fears from different points of views! thinking about your previous questions and merging them into this blog post was a clever idea. I like how you thought about both religion and indigenous values, and how they played a part in this.

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