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Attached here is a link to my ted talk. I hope you enjoy it!

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  1. A really engaging TED talk! There were some high-quality puns at the beginning that certainly caught my attention. I like how you gave the different perspectives on the matter and showed the pros and cons of using insects as a sustainable food source. Meat isn’t a very sustainable food source, and we can’t just expect everyone to go vegan or enforce drastic population control. Eating insects, however, was not something I had in mind, and that made your topic and perspective really interesting. Additionally, your ability to provide statistics and comparisons left a stronger impact on me than if you were to just give me numbers. For example, livestock accounting for 18% of greenhouse gases doesn’t seem like that big of a number, but when you compared it to the greenhouse gases from cars, ships, and planes, I could clearly see that it was a significant percentage.

    The TED talk itself is really easy to follow along. Your tone, pace, pauses, and proper enunciation made your TED talk easy to understand, and I was able to catch all the main points pretty quickly. Also, while this is a personal opinion, your voice was very engaging and allured me into your TED talk.

    While I can’t say that I will start adding crickets to my diet anytime soon, your TED talk has made me consider eating them in the future, corroborating how effective your TED talk was. From your video, I have a few questions. How long do you think it will take before we see insects in our regular grocery store? Are there any health concerns that come with eating insects?

    Overall, your TED talk was interesting to watch! Minimal text and lots of visuals helped with understanding the different concepts in the video, and your ability to provide evidence and connect it with your points made your talk seem very credible.

  2. Wow! I have never realized how insects play such a huge role in the environment and to think it could solve the problem for sustainability! Very well done TedTalk, it had a very clear introduction, great information, and a successful ending. I was wondering what insects give the most protein or do they all have the same levels of protein?

    Great Job!


  3. A very interesting TED Talk, Jackson! You did a great job explaining the problems with livestock, especially cattle. I didn’t know how much of an impact agriculture was having on our environment. Your presentation connected nicely with the climate change and sustainability lessons we had a few weeks back. Crickets are a good solution to this agriculture problem, as shown in your presentation. This leads me to wonder, what other insects could be used instead of crickets? You also did a good job concluding your presentation by giving a summary of what you talked about. Although insects probably won’t completely replace other animals such as cows or chicken, they still stand as good replacement that also combats climate change. You had great images in your presentation, but I would recommend making them larger and making the links smaller. There were some sections where I couldn’t read parts of the image. Enlarging the images would also make your presentation even nicer.
    Great presentation!

  4. Nice TED talk Jackson! I love your visuals and the aesthetics of your powerpoint. You have great, informative points and you delivered them well, with a good pace and very clear speaking. Good pun at the start as well. I am wondering how we are going to get people who like to eat a nice juicy steak to eat insects. I know that you explained this with the cricket flour and burgers, but we might need to eat more than just crickets to sustain 7 billion diets.
    Great presentation!

  5. Very interesting TED Talk, Jackson! I think this is a very important but unrecognized subject. I was wondering if you found anything in your research about changing costs to the consumer? It seems as though it should be cheaper to purchase insects, such as crickets, than steak; however, if this is true why are insects not being used more frequently in meals in western culture? I enjoyed the visuals you used in your presentation but I would have enjoyed more animations.

  6. Not going to lie, that was probably the best start to a TED talk I’ve heard yet. Your TED talk is incredibly smooth, your tone bold, and your puns on point. I’ve gained a lot of information about the specifics in agriculture, and it was nice of you to give certain examples throughout your entire video. Producing insects to eat sounded like a stretch to me, but after your reasoning it’s been hard for me not to look at a fly and get a little hungry.

    I can tell that you have put hours and hours into the creation of your TED talk, and my only wonder would be if insects could provide enough energy for our day to day lives, and whether it would be appetizing enough for everyone.

    Some constructive criticism I have focuses on your power-point, just a little more images would have been nice. Overall hecking awesome TED talk Jackson.

  7. Great video Jackson!
    You had a very good hook that attracted my attention really well. I also loved you fluidly moved into a sort of outline to what you were going to talk about which adds a strong structure to your video. This is also a good connection to the Sustainability Lesson we had in science a few weeks ago. Although I agree with your idea of eating insects as a good source of nutrition, I feel like this course of action is still a bit too undeveloped. However, this leads to ideas about taking that leap and starting to work on sustainable insect-eating. However, this does bring u questions like “Do people really want to be eating insects?” and “How will people react to eating bowls of insects instead of gourmet food like steak?” Nonetheless, great video and loved your smooth and clear speaking pace. Thank you for educating me about this new sustainable option.

  8. Hey Jackson,
    really interested topic, i would not have thought of using insects as our next sustainable source of protein. I was wondering if before we started using insects for protein, did you look into human made meat, like the beef they grow in labs? If so which one would still be a better source of protein and why? great presentation and very informative, also good connections to the sustainability lesson that we have previously learned.
    Nice work!
    -Sarah Fong

  9. Hi Jackson,

    Your video was a big wake-up call! When thinking about the lessons we’ve hadn’t in Science about climate change, an insect-based diet sounds like a great alternative to the methane producing animals we currently rely on for protein. It was very unbiased of you to list both the pros and the cons of this topic even though you’re arguing for it.

    If insects are such a great alternative (as you made them out to be) then why are they not used more in North America? Could this be due to the negative image western culture has of bugs and consuming them? How might this be an impediment in future implementation?

    Great work!

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