The statement that I agree with most is that people are their worst enemies. traits such as perfectionism and procrastination lead are self destructive and lead to people either not getting work done or becoming obsessed with making everything perfect. this can in turn lead to us isolating people which further hurts us in the long term. additionally, the decisions that we make can impact us negatively. If someone decides to skip work for a day, then they might be fired, which has profound consequences on their life. Another way that we are our own worst enemies is our greed and selfishness. Everyone, to some extent, expresses these traits, and when they are expressed too strongly, then they can damage our own well being. If we spend too much time caring about ourselves, then we won’t care about others, who in turn won’t care about us, so then when we go to them and ask for help, they will ignore us. The majority of the bad things that happen in our lives are directly or indirectly caused by us personally, which is why I believe the statement that people are their own worst enemies to be true.