It has been about two weeks since my last blog post, and unfortunately I have made less progress than I would have liked. I have secured Mrs. Priestly as my mentor, but was unable to meet with her over the past two weeks due to exam week and the transition to the new semester, but I have a meeting with her set up for Thursday. I have also had a chance to get into the kitchen and refresh my baking skills, as I made scones on Friday. I have also done some preliminary research on the effects and uses of different flours such as all purpose, bread, cake, pastry, whole wheat, and rice flour. From this research, I have decided that I will probably use pastry and cake flour for my baking, as most of it will be dessert based, and I will use rice flour for the gluten free portion, as rice flour does not contain gluten. The main takeaway from this research is that flours used for baking pastries and cakes are more finely milled and have a lower protein content to help give the baked good a more fluffy and tender texture. In the coming weeks I hope to make up for lost time, meet with Mrs. Priestly twice and really get my In-Depth rolling.

Unfortunately, since I have not yet met with Mrs. Priestly, I cannot comment on how I have incorporated the first three aspects of A Beautiful Mind. I will update this blog post on Thursday after my meeting with my mentor so I can demonstrate how I have used the three aspects.