So, it’s been an interesting couple of weeks with the wacky weather and all, but I still managed to get a bit of baking in. I made red velvet cupcakes (although I used too little food colouring so they turned out more brown then red) as a part of the cake portion of my project, as seen below, and I will be making a regular vanilla cake tomorrow, along with some creme anglaise. Things are going along smoothly and I will move on to meringues this weekend, after meeting with and discussing my progress with Mrs. Priestly on Thursday.

How to be Interesting

While I was conversing with Mrs. Priestly, I made a rather obvious connection my In-Depth and my foods class, which Mrs. Priestly teaches. She acknowledged this connection, and generated interest by saying that we could potentially do some of the recipes that I plan on doing later on in the semester. This would be of great benefit to me because I could share my passion with my classmates and practice my baking skills all at once. It would also allow me more time to experiment with the recipes, as I could get the basics out of the way during class time. She said we could potentially do pies or eclairs after spring break, so I could try making different kinds of these goods or add different flavours to change things up. When we were discussing why I chose baking I told her a story about my Christmas tradition of baking with my Grandmother. I have fond memories of baking gingerbread cookies, fruitcake, and other seasonal treats, and I chose to do baking for my In-Depth because I wanted to remind myself of those happy times. I look forward to focusing on listening during my next session with Mrs. Priestly, and will report back with my findings soon.