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May 2019

Independent Novel Study Speech

Gordie Howe Speech – Jackson Cyr   Over Gordie Howe’s unprecedented five decade-long NHL career, radio broadcasters announced him scoring 801 times, yet there was a time in Howe’s life where he couldn’t even afford skates, let alone pay the… Continue Reading →

John A. Macdonald: Canada’s Guiding Hand

Sir John A. Macdonald: Canada’s Guiding Hand   John A. Macdonald, Canada’s first prime minister and a founding father, appears at first   glance to be a great figure in Canadian history. Recently, however, his name has become   embroiled… Continue Reading →

In Depth Blog Post #6

In Depth is just a few weeks away, and I have begun preparing somewhat. I am making macaroons this weekend and will begin preparing doughs and batters for my learning center next week. The last few weeks have been very… Continue Reading →

Biography Check In

Passage 1: “we didn’t have water, no one did […] The city kept a tap on every other block, and it was up to each household to carry water from there.” I was interested by this passage because it shows… Continue Reading →

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