In Depth is just a few weeks away, and I have begun preparing somewhat. I am making macaroons this weekend and will begin preparing doughs and batters for my learning center next week. The last few weeks have been very busy, so I wasn’t able to bake, but I have planned (generally) what I will be bringing. My plan is to bring a couple dozen gluten free cookies as well as some regular ones, a chocolate, vanilla, or red velvet cake, an apple pie, some plain meringues, and of course, some macaroons, although I have not yet decided on a macaroon flavour. My plan to present my learning is to have a display set up with some photos of me preparing baked goods, as well as having samples for visitors to try. I am going to focus more on the preparation aspect of my learning, as I feel that it is the most important in regards to my project. I hope that the audience will learn how fun baking is and how challenging it can be at times, because it is really easy to mess up while baking due to the level of precision required. The interactive part of my learning center will be the samples that I bring in, as well as pictures to try and spark conversation.

A Beautiful Mind:

List of concepts:

  • Binding (idea would be eggs or xanthan gum)
  • Gluten free baking (cookies, cakes, etc. or rice flour, soy, etc.)
  • Leavening (yeast, baking powder, baking soda)
  • Mixing (creaming, whipping, folding, kneading, blending, beating)
  • Measuring (dry measures, liquid measures, measuring spoons)


Alternatives: My mentor has offered me many alternatives all throughout my project. When I was discussing pies with her, for example, I was thinking about doing a pie crust from a recipe I had found online but my mentor provided me with an alternative recipe that ended up working really well. Mrs. Priestly also provided me with alternatives for my gluten free baking. She gave me numerous alternatives to regular flour as well as xanthan gum as an alternative to eggs as a binding agent. She also opened me up to the alternative of baking a lemon meringue pie rather than a normal fruit pie so I could branch out and also cover two foods, pie and meringue, in one go. The alternatives that Mrs. Priestly offered me were not all of the possible alternatives to my ideas. A lot of alternatives in baking are purely opinion based, so a different mentor might have recommended using something other than xanthan gum or baking a key lime pie or chocolate pie instead of a lemon meringue pie based off of personal experiences or opinions.